Learning Through Books

shapes shapes shapes

Books are an excellent way to encourage mathematical thinking when presented in an age-appropriate and engaging manner. Children retain information from stories that include images and thought-provoking content. Shapes, Shapes, Shapes by Tana Hoban is a great book for encouraging children’s thinking about geometry and, more specifically, shapes. The book includes images of various shapes, some of which are easy to label and others which are more abstract. This is important as it provides children with various examples of what shapes can look like and broadens their thinking about shapes beyond the prototypes that they have formed. Shapes, Shapes, Shapes also has an engaging text that asks children to look for various shapes in the images presented. The shapes cannot always be found immediately, but rather are often hidden within larger structures. Tana Hoban creates an excellent context in which children can explore shapes and see the different ways that shapes are used.


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