Pinterest as a Resource

Pinterest is a valuable resource for parents and teachers, as it generates a wide range of ideas and lessons that are easy to understand and adaptable to various learning environments. Here we explore two activities that were discovered on Pinterest.

Reggio inspired math invitation:


This invitation allows children to learn through play while using natural materials. It is also conducive to exploration in a variety of math concepts. Along with creating different shapes by rearranging the rocks, children can create patterns with the rocks or in the sand, draw shapes in the sand, or even practice one-to-one correspondence with the rocks (an educator can even draw a ten frame in the sand!). Click here to view more Reggio inspired invitations!



As discussed in my blog post titled Geometry Blogs, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) activities are very important for children to explore and geometry as well as spatial thinking are underlying themes within the STEM disciplines. The above activity, which can be seen in full by clicking on the picture above, is an excellent example of the relationship between geometry and STEM. Children see buildings in their daily life, whether it is their school, their home, or the buildings they see on the way to school from home. This activity encourages children to think about the various ways that a building maintains it’s structure. Why are many buildings shaped like rectangular prisms? How do they stand on their own? Why are pillars shaped like cylinders? By experimenting with which 3D shapes can hold the most books, children are learning about the basic structure of shapes, as well as engineering and even architecture!


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